You got questions? We got answers.

When is the festival?

That one is easy. Summer 2019. Stay tuned for more details like date and theater locations.


Where is the festival?

Chicago, IL. This might be confusing because it USED to be in Bloomington, Indiana. Things change. It’s ok!


How can I submit to the festival?

We are partnered with Film Freeway, submissions will open in the fall of 2018.


What’s the deal with this festival, how did it start?

The idea started with 2 women, Jess Levandoski & Chelsea Sanders. Then it got serious when Jessica Reed & Claire McInerny came on board and type A’d the fest. It got stylish when Holland Colvin appeared, like an angel. The tech savvy came when Jamey Brooks got in the mix. The flashlight chotchkie’s were Garrett Poortinga’s idea.  

The fest moved when Jess Levandoski moved to Chicago where she works as a producer/director. She wears a locket with pictures of Chelsea, Jessica, Claire, Holly, Jamey and Garrett’s faces inside of it. 


I still have questions! 

Great, we love chatting. Email Jess Levandoski and she will do her best to stay on subject. [email protected]