Middle Coast Film Festival is Bloomington’s first interactive film festival, bringing the best international and national short and feature films, web series episodes, and music videos at four separate venues in Bloomington.

Our mission is to not only provide our audience in Indiana with some of the best films out there, but to showcase the vibrant arts community in the midwest. There are incredible films being shot, directed and written in between the cultural capitals of New York City and L.A., and the Middle Coast Film Festival is the place to see that happening.

Over the course of the weekend festival goers will enjoy panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and multiple networking events at local studios, restaurants, and bars with filmmakers from all over the world.


Jessica Reed (email)

Managing Director

Holly Colvin (email)

Marketing and Design Director

Chelsea Sanders (email)

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Claire McInerny (email)

Communications Director

Jess Levandoski (email)

Co-Founder, Director of Programming

Jamey Brooks (email)

Programming Manager

Nate Sexton (email)

Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator